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Kyle C
EliteGuitarist.com is a truly fantastic chance to study alongside Tavi and receive valuable mentoring, support and encouragement along the way. Truly one the best classical guitarists in the nation, Tavi's expertise is evident to anyone with a trained ear to hear what the beauty of the classical guitar can be. More than that, I believe Tavi to be a person who has a purity of motive in wanting to serve others in the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience and gentleness. Highly recommended for any skill level. 

-Kyle Cravens

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Chantal B
My schedule is pretty hectic, so I thought i'd give an online platform a shot to help in learning classical guitar. I've spent many months on researching and even signing up for multiple online platforms that claim to aid in learning Classical Guitar. The other platforms are very hard to navigate, expensive, don't really start from the beginning (for a good foundation) and the instructors seem detached from their students. 

My previous experience is the exact opposite of Elite Guitarist. Tavi treats each video in a way that doesn't require you to have any previous experience, just a passion to learn. The instructional videos are of high quality and I appreciate the supplemental downloads for extra practice. The value of his teachings are well beyond the monetary amount requested to sign up. Tavi is very communicative and I feel like I truly have an instructor that cares about my progress (which also helps in holding myself more accountable to practice). Tavi's brilliance and intensity is not only felt through his captivating playing, but through his wonderfully curated collection of teachings to help those that aspire to reach their classical guitar goals. Thank you Tavi for sharing your passion! 
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Daniel N
Hello fellow guitarists, Daniel here! Just wanted to comment on the overall quality and impact this site has had on me. These video tutorials have been a great asset to my musical progress, as a student I don't have the luxury of driving out hours for a private lesson or the time to practice for hours and hours a day. Now with eliteguitarist.com the maestro Tavi Jinariu is available at one's leisure! These video tutorials go in depth about what it takes to play beautiful pieces of music with all the nuances that give the music its life and character. Step by step, section by section Tavi will walk you through these pieces with a concise and clear approach. Also, the ability to revisit any particular section or piece of music only helps engrave that muscle memory towards mastering a technique or piece of music. 
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Mark M
Tavi my favorite aspect of your teaching is how you walk through an entire piece. Not only do you show, but also explain, how a note or run or section is played. Many teach by showing a section and the expectation is for the student to try and play through and then ask questions. For me, not being a concert guitarist or a music student, I appreciate the detailed explanation. I will then have questions and thoughts afterwards.  If I use Capricho Arabe as an example I played the initial run with no pull offs. Your explanation of how to do the pull offs in step by step detail made me understand how to play it. Of course the first 2 notes I play with rest strokes as I feel it fits me a little better and then as I speed up the pull offs fill in with the rest of the run. Perfaphs....I do this because I am still a little weak in my pinky for the pull off high up on the fretboard. I do not yet get a nice round tone. BUT I will keep working on it. Thank you for your talent and your clarity.