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From essential techniques to elegant pieces, EliteGuitarist will guide you to play both correctly and beautifully.

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Tavi Jinariu is one of today’s most sought-after performers and pedagogues of the classical guitar. With over 15 years of university teaching experience Tavi developed EliteGuitarist, an online classical guitar lessons platform with free and subscription based guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. These lessons display a focused attention to technical accuracy, performance details and emphasize musical phrasing, quality of tone and overall beautiful playing. The EliteGuitarist technique packages describe in detail the various techniques used in playing the classical guitar. The repertoire video tutorials teach students how to play a certain piece of music without any pre-existing knowledge of the piece. Tavi and the rest of the instructors at EliteGuitarist teach these repertoire tutorials note for note and provide valuable insight on both practice and performance of the piece. 


My goal is to enlarge the community of the classical guitar and provide teaching that would draw players of other styles into taking up this wonderful instrument. My approach to teaching the guitar is steeped in the musical traditions of Andres Segovia and Christopher Parkening while at the same time it embraces the current trends in technical development and repertoire. For the guitar to again find a prominent place on the large concert stages of the world, guitarists need to adopt a different approach to playing the instrument. It is not enough to play it with a clinical and immaculate technique; we need to play the instrument beautifully. It is not the technical aspect of the guitar that appeals to me but rather it’s beauty. Andres Segovia said “The beauty of the guitar lies in its soft and persuasive voice and its beauty cannot be equaled by any other instrument.” If you are ready to approach your playing of the classical guitar in the same way, welcome to www.EliteGuitarist.com. It is great to have you here!

Tavi Jinariu

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